2018 Hong Kong IAAPA Fair is coming!


Asian Attraction Expo is a professional amusement industry exhibition held in the Asian region, organized by the United States IAAPA Association. In 2006, it held in Shanghai firstly and held in Bankok in 2007, Macau 2008, South Korea 2009, Malaysia 2010, Singapore 2011, Hong Kong 2012, Singapore 2013, Beijing 2014, Hong Kong 2015, Shanghai 2016 and Singapore 2017! 


2018 Hong Kong IAAPA Expo, address selection of the fate of the transportation, Hong Kong, selected from over 400 exhibitor , developed the innovative worldwide selection and adopted the operation strategy, that tour groups find the pop scenery spots in Singapore after curtain. Participants of the exhibition will be the rides manufacturers in amusement parks, theme parks, scenery spots, water parks, family entertainment centers, zoos, aquariums, scientific center, museums and the project owners, CEO, vice presidents, directors and management in supplier companies. 


Shenyang C&Q Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd will attend the 2018 Hong Kong IAAPA Expo and we will bring our new developed product “Car Town” to the exhibition. 

Waiting you there!

Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China
               Conference: 5-8 June 2018
               Trade Show: 6-8 June 2018

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