Happy New Year!

About 50,000 BC, the ancient Egyptians changed nomadism to farming , settled on both sides of the Nile River whose agricultural production was closely related to whether there was a flood in the Nile. From the long-time observation, they discovered that the Nile River flooded regularly and they recorded the time each time on bamboo poles, and learned about  365  days between flooding times. At the same time, it was also discovered that when the tide of the Nile rising first came to the vicinity of Cairo today, it coincided with the simultaneous rise of the Sun and Sirius from the horizon. Thus, the ancient Egyptians put this day as the beginning of the year. This is the earliest origin of the "New Year's Day".

happy new year

There are different holidays on New Year's Day throughout the world to celebrate this festival. During this festival, Where is the best place for parent-child? The answer must be amusement park, theme park, family entertainment center.

Which is the professional amusement rides manufacturer of China? The answer must be CQ Amusement that is a professional manufacturer for 20 years and has brilliant team from designing to management, owning 55,000sqm area, over 500 staff with over 70 designers. We have altogether 15 catagories, more than 60 kinds. Our products are sold to East Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and American.

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“Car Town” of Shenyang C&Q Amusement Co., Ltd gained the third China Amusement Industry Oscar Award- “FERRIS” in March, 2017. “Car Town” , star product of Shenyang C&Q Amusement Co., Ltd stood out and gained China Amusement Product Creative Design Award that also meant C&Q products have obtained the most authoritative quality assurance in amusement experience and market recognition.

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“Car Town” as innovative products, relying on more than ten kinds of amusement equipment patented technology of  Shenyang C&Q Amusement Co., Ltd and more than 10 years’ deep understanding of children's play psychology, are based on children learning traffic knowledge, which enhance the edutainment, parent-child interaction experience of customers to a new height. The business theory of the “Car Town” is to combine commercial activities with entertainment activities of commercial plaza to create the perfect combination of commercial and entertainment space. The design of “Car Town” is based on story, and create theme zones according to the story so that the story is perfect reproduction. Designing double moving line, driving tour and walking tour , and street style shops , partition entertainment layout  and edutainment as design features make the project have a unique appeal.

In the end, happy new year and best wishes to you.

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