Cooperation and Customization

Unique IP is the core of  the park that has uniqueness and competitive advantage. The advanced concept “ STORY AT THE FIRST PLACE” makes Chuangqi construct theme story line and theme figure at first in the plan and design. And we divide the zones and theme moving line according to the story, customized theme rides. We make it a better integration of the park theme zones, theme scenery and theme rides with story line, realize the complete story reproduced of the whole park and let visitors have an unforgettable experience in the park. According to customers’ requirement, we blend entertainment, performance, restaurant, education, vendor and services. Through the original park integration system, we provide the platform for customers’ future operation to increase visitors’ revisit rate. We create the omni-directional theme commerce entertainment space to intense magnetic field for shopping center, attract visitors, meet the urban comprehensive experienced consumer demand.




Chuangqi company owns a production team with more than 500 employees, more than 80% of them received higher education. The whole product customization process from product design, development, producing, testing, assembling forms the unique control system. Chuangqi has the ability of product customization that makes we have the crucial competitive power, which can not only meet investors’ brand requirement towards the park, can also ensure that investors will occupy different dominant position through customized personalized theme products.