About Us


Shenyang Chuangqi (C&Q) Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.established in 1997. Since its founding, C&Q has firmly established itself as one of the leading manufacturers inChina amusement equipment industry after more than two decades of continued growth and success. Today, C&Q is a modern manufacturing company with business operations covering product research & development (R&D), amusement equipment manufacturing, and amusement park design as well as landscape construction. 

Located in Shenyang, a metropolis of 8 million people in northeastern China, C&Q occupies a large piece of property with an area over 55,000 sq meters (nearly 600,000 sq ft). Office buildings and manufacturing facility cover 32,000 sq. meters, and onsite amenities include employee dormitories, cafeterias, as well as a guesthouse and restaurant for visitors and clients.

13131In addition to its modern and green manufacturing facility, C&Q also boasts one of the most talented and creative workforce in China amusement equipment industry. With approximately 500 full-time employees, 20% of whom possessing advanced degrees in engineering and other fields C&Q prides itself in product innovation and qualitymanufacturing. The company currently provides 15 product categories with more than 60 product SKUs, all of which are independently designed and manufactured by C&Q.


Product categories include bumper cars, bumper boats, kiddie rides, dark rides, track rides, go-karts, laser guns, and others. C&Q exports products to a number of international markets, including Russia, Mexico,India, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and Southeast Asian countries. With a passion for innovation, C&Q has gained a solid reputation and recognition from clients in China and around the world. This is why clients have come back to C&Q time and again for new products, and for business partnerships. C&Q’s products are widely popular in amusement parks, and in medium to large Family Entertainment Centers (FEC). In recent years, C&Q has worked with some of the largest amusement park developers and FEC chains in China.

With its creative design team and first-class manufacturing facility, C&Q looks forward to serving your business needs and making you successful in achieving your business goals.

151515A member of CAAPA & IAAPA, C&Q over the years has won numerous honors,including awards for "Corporate Excellence" issued by CAAPA for five consecutive years. In 2010, the provincial government of Liaoning designated C&Q as an innovation center for the province. In 2011, "C&Q" was designated one of Liaoning’s “Famous Trademarks”. In 2012, C&Q earned its highest honor when it was granted the status of China’s “Well-known Trademark”.