Jungle Safari is a track shooting game, players carry laser guns and drive the jeep into the jungle. There are many lovely animals in the jungle, players can shoot the targets by laser gun. Animals will make lovely funny actions when they are shot. At the same time, scoring device on the car will automatically record the score. Jungle Safari is a game with challenge and enjoyment, well loved by players.

Tech Parameter

Control Box Rated Input Voltage:AC380V                                                           Rated Power:23kw

Car Voltage:DC24V                                                                                              Track Car Rated Voltage:360w/set

Car Speed:1.5-4km/h                                                                                             Car Size:L2.0*W1.0*H2.0(m)

Turning Radius:2m                                                                                                Capacity:2P

Tourist Capacity(5 cars):200P/h(Playing Time:3mins)


Product Details Pictures 

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1.Q: Why the ahead car is connected with the back one?

   A: (1) Check whether the receiver plug and socket of the ahead car is loose.

       (2) Check the wireless communication module of the operation console or wireless communication in the car performance descends.

       (3) Check whether the 30A car fuse of walking console  is fused.

2.Q: Why is it easy to occur collision in the car running ?

   A:(1) Check whether the motor pulse detection switch is damaged and whether the connection line is bad contact.

      (2)Infrared protecting strike detection switch in front of the car is failure or connection line bad contact.

3.Q: Why can not the car be scheduled laps to run after starting?

   A: The position between inbound inspection iron and outbound inspection iron is too close ,which leads to  interference, so adjust the inspection iron position.


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