Laser Chariot Ⅱ

Laser Chariot II is an innovative bumper car that integrates elements of traditional bumper car and laser gun targeting for enhanced interactivity. Riders chase around each other, and target their opponents while at the same time trying to avoid being “hit” by cars behind them. The cars can move forward, backward, or sideways, and a built-in system records scores of “hits” so participants can compare their “winnings” at the end of the game. This is one of our most popular bumper cars among customers of all ages! Styles and other configurations can be custom designed and fabricated to suit your business needs.

Tech Parameter

Product Model: ZC-BIF                                                                                                    Power: 300W

Battery: 105V120AH*2                                                                                                   Size:L1.8m*W1.1m*H1M

Speed: ≤7km/h                                                                                                                 Car weight: 206kg  

Capacity: 2P/car


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