Magic Journey is a new railway air bicycle, players can drive manually or automatically. When players are tired, they could switch to auto mode with a button. Players can enjoy park view with beautiful music and use a button to choose favorite music. There is a senor on cars, when back car close to front car, the front car will run automatically. It makes sure two cars to keep distance and without holiday traffic jam problem! The shape of the car is new and function is unique, players all loved it.

Tech Parameter

Size: L2.1m*W1.2m*H1.7m                                                                                               Console Voltage: 380V

Car Power: 350W                                                                                                                Capacity: 2P

Speed: 5km/h(auto)                                                                                                             Turning Radius: >6m

Track Height: 3m                                                                                                                Track Voltage: DC24V

Tourist Capacity( If 16 Cars): 768P/h(Playing Time: 3 mins)


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