A VR Experience Hall Created by The Void in the "Mall of America"

It is reported that the immersive entertainment company The Void will open a VR experience hall in the "Mall of America", the largest indoor shopping mall in the United States. Previously, The Void teamed up with Lucas Film's ILMxLAB studio to create the Ghostbusters: Dimension and Star WarsTM: Secrets of the Empire, two"Explosive models" works.


This VR experience hall integratesVR technology, physical platform with multi-sensory effects, attracting many fans with theri friends and family into a world beyond reality. Compared to the traditional VR experience, interactive devices and devices create virtual space in the real world,  The Void exceeds this limit, creates a more immersive fantasy journey and differentiates from the interactive VR, It allows the player to participate in the exchange and establish contacts to better complete the game task.


Now, we have developed a new high-tech product, created by C&Q Amusement,VR Bumper Car that visitors can be the other world when they wear the glasses, which are amazing and delightful but no dizziness or other uncomfortable feelings. Our VR Bumper Cars have magnificent advantage in China Amusement Industry that have strong technology supporting and high quality, which have gained extensive customer's favorable comments. 


2017 new design rides, “ Car Town” has been developed and in hot sale, which gains the third China Amusement Industry Oscar Award- “FERRIS” . The main part of “Car Town” is composed by  town service center, town driving school, town car rental companies. Tourists can not only enjoy the surrounding scenery, but also can gain credits by interacting with the interaction point on the roadside ,meanwhile, learn traffic safety knowledge and rules in driving tour. Through credit system, driving license upgrading system and medal system to form a complete business model, enhance the viscosity of customers, lead the commercial value of the shops and attract people. The success of “Car Town” once again proved that amusement equipment in family should have innovation. 


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