An upcoming entertainment banquet in Dragon Boat Festival,2018!

The Dragon Boat Festival, one of the oldest Chinese traditional known as Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, so far, 20,000 years of history also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.

We have 3 days’ holiday in China and people usually have a tour with families and friends. With the shot holidays, in summer weather, where should the family with kids go? The satisfied answer is Amusement Park! There are various amusement rides for kids , beautiful scenery and interesting shows.


C&Q is a professional amusement rides manufacturer with a high-end team in designing, manufacturing and servicing. We can provide the whole set best solution from Plan&Design, Landscape construction, Customerize rides to Operation.

 car town1

One new design rides developed by CQ Amusement, “ Car Town” has been developed and in hot sale, which gains the third China Amusement Industry Oscar Award- “FERRIS” . The main part of “Car Town” is composed by  town service center, town driving school, town car rental companies. Tourists can not only enjoy the surrounding scenery, but also can gain credits by interacting with the interaction point on the roadside ,meanwhile, learn traffic safety knowledge and rules in driving tour. Through credit system, driving license upgrading system and medal system to form a complete business model, enhance the viscosity of customers, lead the commercial value of the shops and attract people. The success of “Car Town” once again proved that amusement equipment in family should have innovation. 

 car town2

Through transboundary thinking integration and excellent proprietary technology, relying on the amusement leading enterprise, combining market demand with innovative technology by creative design, inject continuous vigour into the healthy development of the park.  


Now, we have lots of successful case, such as Changchun Xitiandi, QiCai City, Nanjing Sand Boat and so on, which bring decent benefits to shopping centers. Welcome to visit there!


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